Studio Protocol Issue June 2020

Booking classes:

All class numbers will be now be limited and will have social distancing in place . Social distancing floor stickers are now available at the studio for students to place their yoga mats when they arrive.
Students must pre book their place for all classes on

Cancellation policy:

( Note ) : You must cancel you’re place on all Pre booked classes a Minimum of 4hours before the class start time or you will be charged for that class , unlimited class holders class pre booking options will be Restricted should they book and not cancel a class if they cannot attend as a waitlist will be available for other students to book places .
Note : unlimited class holders are only permitted to book one class per day during this time . However they can also attend a live online class as well as a studio class per day while we have these online available to them.

Cleaning & santasting:

Sanitiser is available at the studio entrance so that students can first disinfect their hands as they enter the yoga studio before & after class .

Areas such as door handles, light switches, toilet handles will all be disinfected by the yoga teacher before & after class . When possible, it is recommended to avoid contact with any vulnerable area, our doors will be left open, only to be opened and closed by the yoga teacher where possible so please arrive on time for class . Gloves & Sanitiser will be available for use in the toilet should you require to use it.

All students are requested to bring their own yoga mats, towels, & water bottles no shared items will be available for use at this time . If purchasing water please ask the teacher to get this for you.

Protection for teaching yoga:

Yoga teachers will not touch or give hands-on corrections, yoga students are required to stay on their mat before class and if queuing for any reason must adhere to social distancing, Note : We now have a Perspex Safe guard at our reception for you’re & our teachers safety .

Teacher & Student protocol:

The studio will be kept well ventilated and cleaned and sanitised regularly before & after each class .
Respect for social distancing rules on the premises and outside the studio please enter and leave the studio one at a time and please do not use the upstairs Flynn reception area to put shoes or clothing items on .

Particularly vulnerable people:

Particularly vulnerable people are requested to follow the advise of the HSE and to refrain from coming to yoga class for the time being .
Students with symptoms of illness and/or allergies (sneezing) & ( coughing ) are asked to stay at home at this time .

Arrival and departure from the yoga studio:

We ask that all Students leave the yoga studio one after the other, respecting the safety distances. They are also requested to respect the safety distances outside the yoga studio area as they enter & leave . All classes will now have a minimum of 30 mins between end and start times go allow people to leave and distance safety.

This protocol is subject to change please email us at with any questions regarding classes.