Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga provides pregnant women with many benefits. Among the more common benefits including stretching and release of muscular tension associated with pregnancy


1) When can I start pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable from 12-40 weeks

2) I’ve never done yoga before is this ok?

Yes ! a lot of women that start pregnancy yoga have never done yoga before and the class is fully guided and tailored for beginners .

3) What will we cover in the class?

The class is mainly to keep you stretched out and limber during your pregnancy and to help you build strength and stamina in preparation for labour. The class will include:

  • Tailored Yoga Poses to help you stretch and build strength
  • Yoga Breathing in preparation for labour
  • Yoga poses that can help with back , leg and pelvic pain in pregnancy
  • Yoga poses that can help during labour and to help your relax during pregnancy

4) What do I need to bring/wear?

Please bring a yoga mat, for hygiene purposes we do not provide mats , we also sell yoga mats for 25.00 euro if required, Please bring water to drink and wear something lose and comfortable that you can move and stretch in.

If we forgot to cover something please just give Suzanne a call on 087 6362745.