Suzanne Quinn

Suzanne Quinn is the founder of the Yoga Lounge and teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga Flow and Pregnancy Yoga classes.
Suzanne is a Yoga Alliance Registered 500 Hour teacher and is currently training to be a pilates teacher Suzanne began teaching yoga in 2007 and has been practicing Yoga for nearly 17 years. Suzanne has been lucky enough to have trained with some amazing world renowned teachers including David Swenson, Peter Sanson, Kino Macgregor, Judith Hanson Lasater , Claire Missingham , Meghan Currie , Kino McGregor and David Williams.
Suzanne is also a Trust in Birth Prenatal yoga teacher and a mum of 2 and believes that her experience of pregnancy and birth helps her to relate to the pregnant women in her classes where she hopes to pass on as much of her own experience as possible when teaching.
Suzanne’s yoga classes are energetic and challenging and she Enjoy teaching a fast paced class combining the flow of moving through each yoga posture and combining it with the breath to work towards building energy, toning, building strength & relaxing the mind & body.